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Student Council Forestry

What is the student councils purpose?

We, the student council of the forestry faculty, are the voice for over 800 students (over all of our three courses). That means, we care for your study conditions and that everything is going the way, the students want. We represent you in different committees of the TUM - directly at our campus or even between all the other faculties at the headquarter of TUM in Munich. But university policy is not our only business: every year we are organizing two big events, the "Nikofete" - a big party at our facility in December and the "Sommerfest" with great bavarian Biergarten-atmosphere right behind our forestry building (with good beer, pretzels and Blasmusik!).

On top of that, we are also supporting our students financially, for instance if somebody wants to go to an international conference, workshop or anything like that. For additional information on that topic check out the Support-page.

We would be very happy to welcome you guys at the student council and would like you to actively engage in the shaping of our university-life!